This is a great in-depth interview including questions about Sandy’s history with Chaosium, the development of Call of Cthulhu and more. Here’s an example:

Your first published RPG credit is the Gateway Bestiary for RuneQuest. Among the exotic creatures it introduces for use with RQ are some derived from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. How did you first become aware of Lovecraft’s work?

At the age of 8, I found a book in my dad’s storage boxes, The Dunwich Horror and Other Stories. It was an Armed Services edition, published in 1942 (never could figure out why reading HPL would make our men fight harder, but I’m glad they had access to it). I was one of those annoying precocious kids who read a lot, and had already read Poe. So I read this book and was blown away. I couldn’t find any other sources of his works though – he was pretty much totally out of print. I didn’t find more sources of his works for years! Probably the search for Lovecraft got me hooked as a super fan.