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New World with the Broken Economy?
2 Posts
November 24, 2021 - 12:12 am

You get the feeling that Amazon Games either doesn’t know about the current economic crisis or wants to. Previously, Amazon Games had stated that the in-game economy is “within acceptable limits,” which is completely unacceptable for players as they are aware of current economic flows.

Speaking of the economy and deflation, Amazon Games stated the following.

All servers make more money than they are deprived of and have high profit margins. However, the economy is currently in the final stages of development. If one looks at the residual income according to level, it is very high in the range of levels 1-35, in the range of levels 40-59 it is considerable and decreases at level 60. This means that more and more players reach level 60 and with it the economy will come under more pressure.

The company also provided data charts showing the difference between gold earnings and results, confirming that players are consistently generating positive gold balances on a daily basis. It also states that players should complete three faction missions per day, which contributes to a steady 10x gold income.

The next major release will include several economy-focused updates and bug fixes to improve the current state. The developers are planning the following measures.

10% reduction in durability from PvP deaths.
Extension of the house tax period from 5 to 7 days without increasing the tax amount
Property revitalization costs have been reduced by 60%.
The amount of honey obtained from beehives was reduced by 50% and the amount of milk obtained from cows by 65%. Honey trees are not affected by this change. We made this change because the amount of milk and honey in the world is greater than we originally estimated. The bees and cows are happy with this change.
All trading posts will be linked together. This change was made to strengthen the economy in remote areas and ensure the availability of items in all areas.

The costs for buy and sell orders are based on the settlement of your booked order.
The transaction tax on your purchase is determined by the billing in which you make the purchase.
Expired items that are listed on a sales order are returned to the billing center to which they were billed.
Items can no longer be placed on the trading post for 28 days. This is now a maximum of 14 days.
We improve the effectiveness of expedition programs by implementing the following measures.

The coins earned for expedition bosses, starting with Starstone Caves, have been increased by 25% and the final expedition has been increased by 100% for each boss.
The coin cost per adjustment sphere has been reduced and the number of Corruption Shards that players receive from smaller and larger corruption exploits has been increased.
The coin cost for the chisel has been reduced by 20-50% depending on the level.

We’re in the process of fixing some bugs to help crafters sell new items and reduce repair costs:

We fixed the issue that resulted in Attribute Perk Mods not being able to be used to craft Repair Kits.
We fixed the issue that resulted in repair kits costing gold to be used. Repair kits should only cost coins during the manufacturing process.

Last but not least, all players who discover and abuse the New World gold cheat problem will be personalized accordingly. Those who overtly use it will most likely face a permanent ban. According to our data, there has been a wave of bans that hit most of the gold scammers, but there are still a few left.

2 Posts
November 24, 2021 - 10:08 am

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