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Fine, I'll Speculate Here.
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February 13, 2021 - 12:51 pm

So a week or so ago the Cthulhu Wars: CATaclysm and Cthulhu Wars: The Daemon Sultan KS announced that there will be a single CW expansion that will be released along with OS4 (if their new timeline pans out). The exact nature of the expansion is currently unknown, but what Arthur did tell us is that:

  • It’s going to be direct to market, not on KS.
  • It’s not the Carcosa Map, nor is it Shudde M’ell or Cthonians. 
  • It’s not a “human enemy” or “good guys of humanity”.
  • It’s not related to Cthulhu Wars Duel.
  • It’s actually got miniatures. (Which I think is a weird specification. I can’t think of a single CW expansion which doesn’t have minis. The 6-8 player maps I guess, but all of the regular expansion maps have minis.)
  • It’s “a brand new “type” of expansion/set of units”
  • It’s awesome.

I had two immediate thoughts. The first was a Brian Lumley Pack, but I think that is unlikely because of the fact it’s not Shudde M’ell, and that’s his creation that EVERYONE wants. (Personally, I find Shudde M’ell kinda meh.) The second is the Elder Gods Pack, which is what I think it might be. Here’s why:

  • Sandy has said in the past, during one of his live Q&As, that he would make an Elder God pack if he had enough ideas.
  • The Elder Gods are a new type of units, they’ve technically only been introduced in OS4 with Bastet and Hygarg Ryonis. (Nodens got grandfathered in after that.) I guess it’s not technically “brand new” but hey, OS4 isn’t out yet so most people haven’t played with them yet.
  • Hypnos is another Mythos element that a lot of fans want in Cthulhu Wars. Hey, he’s an Elder God. 
  • Sandy has stated in the past that he considers the Elder Gods to not be good. He doesn’t know their specific attitude towards humanity, but he doesn’t not think they are “good guys of humanity”.

That’s my theory anyway. Any other ideas anyone would like to contribute?

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