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Evolution of Cthulhu Wars
18 Posts
June 21, 2020 - 11:40 pm

Good day friends! Today I was visited by a series of thoughts regarding the qualitative improvement of the Cthulhu Wars in terms of sales, segmentation and expansion. I will tell you the thoughts in the order in which they came to me.

In my Great Old Ones Dream project, I often come across people who are used to playing wargames and have their own painted army. Often, some of them want a personal fraction of Creeping Chaos or Black Goat to bring only this fraction to the game sessions, but do not want to buy the whole game, because it is too expensive for them and they have no one to play with at home. To carry a whole core box somewhere each time, not to mention additions – a real test. 

In this regard, the first sentence – how about the evolution of the Cthulhu Wars into some version of wargame? In this case, you can separately sell the “starter kits”, which will include everything you need to play for one of the factions – miniatures, cards, grimoires, chips, dice and a certain number of gates. This approach will greatly expand the market segment – a lot of people who want to play Cthulhu Wars agree to paint miniatures as a hobby and keep a certain amount of fractions at home, but not the entire core box.

And also, the evolution of the Cthulhu Wars into a kind of wargame opens the door for my other proposal, which I wrote earlier, to release sub-fractions that are based on a fraction from the main game, but change the available set of units, Great Old Ones, grimoires, maybe even a special factions ability. For example:

Sub-fraction of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Replaces stellar spawns and Great Cthulhu with Mother Hydra and Father Dagon, and can also change the balance of the number of available deep-sea and shoggot. Also, some grimoires, such as Yahantlei, absorption and degradation, may remain, and the rest be replaced. This Sub-fraction is sold as a separate starter kit, including a new tablet, 6 grimoires, miniatures, etc. The fraction is based on the starting glyph of Cthulhu, and the player chooses either he plays the main fraction of Cthulhu, or under the fraction in the form of the Order of the Dagon. 

I believe that you and your team are able to realize and develop this idea at the highest level. Thank you for attention!

Sandy Petersen
211 Posts
June 22, 2020 - 6:02 pm

I have thought about it before. But breaking into the wargame market seems like it would be quite a challenge. Still we’ve made the first step by releasing the figures as figures instead of only part of a strategy game. 

18 Posts
June 22, 2020 - 8:34 pm

It’s worth counting, but overall it doesn’t feel too complicated. The only thing is to analyze how the sales of individual sets of fractions will go, maybe kickstarter will come in handy here again. As for the rest, production costs are reduced, and the sales level will definitely rise – I know that in Russia, the company that localized and published our game as part of crowdfunding still cannot sell a huge number of core boxes due to factors that I mentioned earlier.

And also, in the form of a small bonus – the problem with customs will disappear in many countries, since buying a game through separate sets, rather than boxing, you can not go beyond the limits on the amount in the same Brazil, for example.

The core boxes themselves will also continue to be used – it will be a variation of the “multi-player starter” from the point of view of wargames, while remaining a fairly independent board game in itself

Sandy Petersen
211 Posts
July 2, 2020 - 12:11 pm

There is also the need to: 

1) develop a set of rules

2) sell enough of the rules and figures to establish an active community. 

18 Posts
July 2, 2020 - 11:27 pm

Yes, but the development of rules should not be something unbelievable – it’s not about turning the Cthulhu Wars into a wargame, including battles on a map with a terrane, measuring roulette and other stuff by the rules, similar, for example, to a warhammer.

In my proposal, the Cthulhu Wars will still have the gameplay of the Cthulhu Wars. only the approach to the distribution of the game will change – it will be possible to sell it in parts, separately in the field and materials, separately in fractions, including base 4.

The wars of Cthulhu in their gameplay are not inferior to any wargame – despite the fact that they do not use roulette and move only in zones, the very essence of positioning and control of key points absolutely corresponds to what is happening in ordinary wargames

And also the integration of the approach of introducing sub-fractions, as with Tcho-Tcho, will greatly expand the variability of pre-game choices and will allow you to sell individual sets “sub-fractions”. In general, this system is close to Malifo, where players choose one global faction, and before the battle they can already choose one of the gangs that make up this large faction.

Sandy Petersen
211 Posts
July 4, 2020 - 10:32 pm

Okay, when I think about a strategic wargame, I think of a map with cardboard counters (usually) and a battle system like GMT’s Napoleonic Wars, for instance. 

When I think about painted armies, I think about a miniatures wargame like Warhammer or X-Wing. 


Cthulhu Wars is already a strategic wargame, in its essence. So what are you proposing?

18 Posts
July 5, 2020 - 10:51 pm

I want to draw your attention to the fact that you do not take into account the player’s thinking in wargame – he thinks as a collector, miniatures for him are a hobby. He wants to choose his favorite side of the conflict, a maximum of two, and then gradually paint them and develop his army. 

The Cthulhu Wars are gameplay wargame, but from the point of view of everything else – an ordinary board game! There are several aspects:

1) Entry threshold. Very few wargame players are willing to buy the load on the armies that they like, armies that they don’t like. So far, if a person wants to start playing the Cthulhu Wars, he must buy a starting box in any case, which means he will get 4 fractions that do not necessarily correspond to his wishes. Also, $ 200 for starting in wargame is quite expensive for most players – they would be ready to buy 1 faction and the necessary stuff in order to start, and only then gradually buy other additions to their collection.

2) There is no way to develop your collection within the selected fraction. Here the situation is more complicated, because the number of units in each faction is strictly limited. The desire of the players to develop precisely their faction, with which they identify themselves, this desire cannot be simply discarded.

From this point of view, I was very inspired by your renewal of the Tcho-Tcho faction. If the players have a choice before the game about which sub-fraction they will choose for their large fraction, this will provide players with space to expand their collection.

For an example, again I will return to the Secret Order of Dagon. This sub-fraction would differ from the Great Cthulhu fraction only by replacing 3 spellbooks, as well as replacing Star Spawn and Cthulhu with Mother Hydra and Father Dagon and perhaps a change in the number of shoggoths / deep ones.

Thus, the player would buy the Cthulhu fraction at the beginning. And then, when he would have the desire to expand his capabilities and his collection, he would buy a sub-fraction of the Secret Order of Dagon, which would require his own fraction tablets, additional miniatures, but would still be based on the Cthulhu glyph as part of the game balance of the starting positions.

If we gradually develop this direction of creating sub-fractions within fractions, then players will find for themselves a certain direction of growth.

2 Posts
July 21, 2020 - 1:56 am

Best game for my opinion

Sandy Petersen
211 Posts
July 23, 2020 - 12:00 pm

i will take it under consideration. 

2 Posts
July 24, 2020 - 1:01 pm

Cool game, my good friend has one and we used to love to spend a lot of time playing it. But I think that games are coming out just as well, take, for example, those that are shown on the BoardGameGuru website. Thanks to the portal, I have found a lot of relevant and interesting options for myself, and we quite often spend time with friends playing these new games.

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