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Startropolis Rulebook + Expansions


The Nexus suddenly birthed from nothing. It was just a weak spot in space, created randomly by clashing
stresses of gravity. But when it formed, it instantly became an exit point – a extra focus – for every wormhole
in the entire galactic octant; the same wormholes used for interstellar travel by every starfaring species. Soon,
a human starship found the Nexus, by the simple process of noticing the alternate exit point while traversing
one of those wormholes. The commercial and navigational value of the nexus was obvious, and the humans
began exploiting the asteroid field surrounding the exit point. They hollowed out the largest asteroid creating
the core module in preparation for building a full-blown space station.

Led by those same wormholes, other starships soon showed up. Then more. Now all alien civilizations want
access to the Nexus. Rather than see bloodshed, the humans, ensconced in place, offered to let all share the
Nexus peacefully. The humans would build the space station modules, ensuring compatibility, but the aliens
would purchase and own the modules themselves. In effect, the aliens became outside investors – potentially
controlling investors – thus Startropolis was born!

You are the alien CEO of one of these galactic corporations, and your masters have given you seed money.
What will you purchase? A solar power monopoly? Luxury habitats? Will you outperform your competition,
and prove your dominance?

Game Overview

Startropolis is a modular 3-D space station game for 2-4 people. Each turn, players buy modules and
connect them to the existing space station. This creates revenue, and allows them to purchase more modules.
The player with the most credits at game end wins.