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Planet Apocalypse for 5e SAMPLE

Planet Apocalypse is the world—your game’s world—as it teeters on the verge of its ultimate end. When
the apocalypse comes, it leaves few heroes, and those that remain must desperately battle to preserve their
world from utter destruction. Your player characters are those heroes, and there is no one else to save the

This book begins with an introduction to Planet Apocalypse and advice to the GM on how to present it and
how to create a campaign out of it. Of particular interest to players, the second chapter outlines class options and
feats for characters who have prepared for or survived the initial onslaught, while the third chapter contains spells
and magic items for fighting fiends or that have been scavenged from defeated fiends.

The remaining chapters are for the GMs’ eyes only. The fourth chapter presents adventures that showcase
Planet Apocalypse in action; these adventures use material drawn from the subsequent chapters. The fifth chapter
explains the nature and dangers of the fiends and their invasion, the sixth chapter presents a wide variety of new
fiends and other monsters, while the seventh and final chapter covers the fiend lords around whom the campaign
revolves. Lastly, this book contains an appendix of encounter tables and an index of monsters by challenge rating
you can use to build your own Planet Apocalypse encounters.