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Ghoul Island Act 2 Sample

The PCs uncover a temple to a Great Old One, Ghatanothoa, and learn the island’s sordid history with that dread entity. Through their exploration of the temple, they learn of the ghoul’s pact with Farzeen, the horrors that lurk beneath the surface of the island, and that an aspect of Ghatanothoa has been called forth once again by the Great Old One’s cultists. After narrowly escaping the searching tentacles of a rootling, they discover that the terrors below pale in comparison to what’s transpired above.

Back in Farzeen, the PCs find themselves wanted by the authorities, and it is only with aid from their allies in the Watch that they escape to the jungles. The jungle soon reveals its dangers, and the PCs lead a group of evacuees to a makeshift refugee camp. Obed the Shipwright answers the PCs’ many questions and urges them to return to the city so that they can gather the supplies, weapons, armor, and equipment the displaced islanders will need to reclaim their homes. They venture through a recently discovered jungle cavern replete with its own set of unique challenges, fight deep one hybrids, and ultimately face a rampaging, necrophage barbarian wielding Lothar’s treasured axe. The PCs’ subsequent sojourn into the city brings with it additional revelations and a glimmer of hope.

The PCs must rely on the tunnels again for their infiltration into the city. A deadly surprise from Upton, a polymorphed horror, awaits them, and after defeating the foe, they meet a posse of concerned citizens whose loyalties they can sway.