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Ghoul Island Act 1 Sample

The PCs’ journey begins in the decrepit port town of Resante. Few call the place home, and most of its inhabitants are looking to leave as quickly as possible. As fate would have it, Censa, Captain of the Hazel’s Folly, has need of a crew to deliver a cargo to far-off Farzeen. The ragtag crew, to whom the word “motley” is perfectly applied, battle the elements, unnatural storms, and the denizens of the depths before limping to the beaches of their destination.

The dreadful journey damages the crew’s minds, prompting them in a flash of insane insight to abscond with the cargo in the middle of the night while nightmares assail the PCs. The PCs stop the theft with the aid of the local constabulary, but in doing so, they relinquish the haul they just secured. Censa leads the PCs to the city proper the following morning to reclaim her cargo, deliver it as planned, and check on the crew.

Business transacted, it’s time to deal with the mutineers. Returning to the jail, the PCs learn that someone (or something) has taken the traitors from their cells. After a conversation with Lothar Wenza, Captain of the Watch, the PCs learn this is far from an isolated occurrence. The clues lead to a peaceful community living in the warrens beneath the city, and the PCs are tasked with investigating. All is not as it seems in the underground tunnels, however, and they find an ancient temple dedicated to a horror thought to have been vanquished long ago.