Dobbin the Prospector

Dobbin has the ability to tunnel himself or another hero in his tile to any tile on the map. He has pretty good health, is a dwarf, and is really good at killing smaller enemies, such as orcs or kobolds. His attacks are less helpful against large creatures such as ogres, however.

His Super is highly strategic, and lets him rearrange all the traps on your map just before they fire! This can be used to group the right assortment of traps to kill a key enemy, or to move now-useless traps to obscure corners of the fortress. His Rivalry ability is an offshoot of his Super – basically, if he is in the enemy fort, it lets him rearrange the Unchained traps instead. This, obviously, ruins the Unchained trap setup, and, more specifically, keeps their traps from killing more than a handful of enemies on the turn he uses it. It does means when he enters Unchained fortress, he becomes a high priority target!

Orcs Must Die Dobbin

Orcs Must Die Dobbin

Mystery Hero B

As with our last Mystery Hero, this guy has been in playtest for months, but his image and identity is not yet released by Robot Entertainment. I have taken the stance that we can at least tell you his gender, though. Anyway, he is pretty vulnerable to enemy attacks, but has a good store of health. His weapons give him the power to turn a certain number of Brain results into Wilds, which makes him absolutely love it when he rolls Brains, and causes him to actively seek out weapons which produce Brain results.

He is definitely a support-style hero, who lets his allies purchase traps & items during their Hero turn, instead of waiting for the Upkeep phase. This gives his team a lot more flexibility in placing traps. His Super and Rivalry abilities are related – with his Super he can mind-control an enemy minion to move and attack as he pleases. His Rivalry lets him do the same to an enemy HERO! Of course, since it is associated with his Super, it doesn’t happen every turn.