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In Dark Worlds, the next Cthulhu Mythos 5e campaign by Sandy Petersen, you and your friends become unwitting pawns caught up in the blunders of a mad ruler. His insane attempt to curry favor with the dread Fungi from Yuggoth results in your being teleported across space to the nightmare world of Yuggoth.

The Green Pyramid is the fourth Act of the Dark World Saga sprung from the fevered brain of Sandy Petersen! It ships the first week of January.

The time of waiting in the shadows for events to unfold around the PCs is past. They have made alliances, gained assets, and solidified their strength. It is time for the fungi from Yuggoth to pay for their eons of manipulation and experimentation. They have gathered their forces in Nithon in preparation for the Watcher’s awakening, but the PCs have a plan and weapons as old and nearly as powerful at the Atomic Colossus. Hell will soon be unleashed on Yuggoth …

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