Save the Date! Startropolis 2nd Edition Coming this June

Save the Date! Startropolis 2nd Edition Coming this June

Save the Date! Startropolis 2nd Edition Coming this June

Petersen Games announces the upcoming release of Startropolis 2nd Edition this June! We have updated the art and components from our first printing, and we are excited to make available this enhanced family-friendly game!

Startropolis is a modular 3D model space station game for 2-4 players. Each turn players purchase modules and connect them to the existing 3D space station which creates revenue, allowing them to purchase more modules. The player with the most credits at the end of the game wins.

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Simple Rules!

Each player buys a module in turn order. A new module is added after every purchase, so you always have a full selection.

Then, in reverse turn order, each player connects their module to the space station. Take care: where you choose to place your module will impact not only your revenue, but other players’ as well!

As modules are attached, the amount of revenue they each generate is immediately adjusted on their module card as well as the revenue tracker for all players.

­There are 7 types of modules in the core game, counting the core module, for a total of 31 pieces.


The Nova Box expansion adds SIX new types of modules! Each operates differently from the six core game module types. This expansion also comes with Advanced Modules cards to replace basic module cards, rendering each color of each module unique.

The Space Station in a Box Add-On for Startropolis Is Fun for All Ages

The Space Station in a Box Add-On for Startropolis Is Fun for All Ages

Construct your own space station using this colorful building set.

Startropolis is a modular tabletop game from Petersen Games, which allows players to build a variety of modules onto the circular “core” of a 3D space station to generate revenue. These modules look like highly detailed building blocks (think a souped-up version of K’Nex), which come in different colors and can be arranged in a variety of ways to create space stations in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Responding to questions from users who were interested in buying extra modules as toys for their kids, Petersen Games created the “Space Station in a Box” add-on, which contains 37 different modules that can be used as toys, with no additional components or instructions included (since the add-on isn’t actually part of the game).

The 37 modules include one circular core and six each of six different module types, which come in six different colors: blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and black. While kids (and adults) can use their imagination to give each module a story as they build, each module type does have its own purpose in the game’s lore.

For instance, the pieces that look like a chubby plus sign (“+”) are market centers, while the L-shaped pieces are “Civic modules.”

At different points on each module, you’ll find either a square-shaped peg or a square-shaped hole. You can insert the peg from one piece into the hole on another to connect the modules and see your space station come to life. In our experience, the pieces are sturdy, though some require you to use more force than others to connect them so they stay together (this can actually sting a bit as the pieces are highly textured).

The Space Station in a Box add-on will soon be available to purchase online, as well as at conventions where Petersen Games has a presence. It will cost $29.99.

Disclosure: Petersen Games provided SuperParent with a copy of Space Station in a Box for coverage purposes.

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Startropolis Unveiling

Startropolis Unveiling

We finally have copies of Startropolis in hand! One of the game’s designers, Tony Mastrangeli, is unboxing “his” game for the first time! Click to see his reaction!
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