Labor Day weekend was our Carcosa Mastermind, where Sandy and Lincoln hosted our lone backer along with some special friends!

Sandy: Phil worked closely with Lincoln and me to create a Carcosa map, and we made great progress. We ran the map with my playtest group and got useful feedback. We also spent time on a potential new faction for Cthulhu Wars.

Phil: My favorite aspect was doing the design work alongside Sandy and Lincoln, which I really could not get enough of. ^_^  The Lost Carcosa map has proved more difficult to design than Sandy initially anticipated, but I didn’t mind since it made the process more interesting and exciting.

As I left we had not yet had the opportunity to test the latest changes to the design. I have offered my continued assistance to Sandy and Lincoln (at my own monetary expense), as I am very much invested in the map’s improvement and success.  We also had the opportunity to discuss future Petersen Games projects.

Another highlight was watching various movies with Sandy, as he is very much a movie buff.  Props to Wendy for being an extremely considerate hostess, and she made wonderfully memorable meals for us (such as Scotch eggs) as well.  She’s a great conversationalist to boot!

I also very much enjoyed my time with Sandy’s “blind play-testing” group.  They are a very nice bunch of people!  They also offered valuable feedback about Carcosa.