We have three more creatures to show you for this amazing work in progress that will be launched in 2020.

Leng Folk (Concept art and dissection): The Folk of Leng are strange hominin cannibals that reside in the Dreamlands. They have characteristic horns and hooves that can be concealed to make them appear human. The dissection shows the cranial structure of a female, which also shows the species’ sexual dimorphism.

Moon Beast: (Concept art and dissection): The Moon Beast are a species of batrachian-like moon-dwellers that haunt some parts of the Dreamland dimension. They trade for slaves and resources through their servants, the Leng Folk. While their outer form is mutable, their inner structures resemble those of cnidarians.

Hunting Horror (skull dissection and variant species): The Hunting Horror’s skull features snake-like mandibles that can open horizontally and vertically to swallow prey whole.

Because of their variable hunting grounds, different horrors have different cephalic features to adapt to their environment.