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Beyond the Veil just reviewed our February Cthulhu Mythos Saga release: The Big Sleep: The Sleeper Rising (Act 1)

The Sleeper Rising dedicates a significant word count to the history and political allegiances of the empire, and although it’s seemingly small, the four ruling kingdoms demonstrate interesting conflicts and allegiances. There are also some colourful organizations in operation such as the holy warriors of The Esoteric Order of the Candle, the angelic looking infantry lancers The Winged Hussars, as well as The League of Scoundrels (the fantasy favourite criminal guild).

And, if you’re looking for spiritual inspiration; the citizens of Danton collectively worship Galdun: the god of the sun and sky, as well as his holy saints. So obviously, there’s plenty of rich political and spiritual drama for a talented DM to weave into the fabric of an exciting escapade, all while anticipating the inevitable appearance of eldritch horrors.