Cthulhu Wars – Core Game (CWO2)

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The premier horror strategy game with high-quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.

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4 reviews for Cthulhu Wars – Core Game (CWO2)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dillon Punko

    Following up with a previous review, Petersen Games contacted me regarding an earlier complaint and rectified the situation. Excellent customer service, and I had managed to sit down for a few rounds of Cthulhu Wars. I’ll have to test out the other factions, but overall it was a blast!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    The best board game on the planet.

  3. Rated 2 out of 5

    Dillon Punko

    Awesome game. However, I am rather disappointed by the lack of support from Petersen Games.

    When I first bought the core game (1st edition) from a local gameshop (sealed in original packaging,) all of the game pieces were accounted for other than the faction cards. None were included in the box, as I found out the following month when attempting to play the game for the first time. Needless to say, I contacted Petersen Games to resolve the issue via support about seeking replacement for the missing faction cards (which I am willing to pay for if the company is able to replace these in punchboards) and have yet to receive an answer back whatsoever. It is also difficult to purchase, as these are seemingly never in stock.

    That being said, I will be changing the rating on this review if Petersen Games is able to resolve the issue I had contacted them for.

    • Petersen Games Support

      Hello Dillon,

      I want to apologize for the missing faction cards. I wanted to say that Christy and I were happy to have worked with you in July to get the Die Cut Faction Cards to you. As always if you need anything else, please reach out to me at support@petersengames.com.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Quite simply the best world domination boardgame out there. Learning the faction abilities and combat system was easy to teach to the newest addition to our group, and even though she was a novice gamer she picked up on it instantly (she did NOT with Twilight Imperium), and most of the strategic possibilities. It is fast, fun, and has infinite replayability. I was biting my nails as The Yellow Sign whilst being attacked by Nyarlathotep, probably the strongest faction to face in battle, which is as it should be, he is, after all, an Outer God- and speaks for the other 4 that are known. The other 3 factions are Great Old Ones.
    But Nyarlathotep can be taken down- it just takes teamwork to do it. This is the best game I have played in ages, hands down. I give it as many stars as are put before me!!!

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Professional Reviews

With mechanics that make sense and brilliantly– written flavor text that is positively creepy, and you are completely plunged into the Mythos…this game is phenomenal
— Joshua Davis, gamingtrend.com

Every part of Cthulhu Wars resonated with me as both a gamer and a fan of the Mythos… A stunning looking miniatures game…great asymmetrical game play…it’s a win all around.
— boardgamequest.com

The immediacy of this game– coupled with its easy play and approachability– makes this one of my favorite designs in this genre space… Setup and commitment are minimized. Impact and engagement are maximized.
— Michael Barnes, nohighscores.com miniaturemarket.com

A game that is as rewarding to the mind as it is to the eyes. Simply excellent and a game I highly recommend.
— Cyrus, fathergeek.com

The game’s asymmetry is front and centre. Big time. Everything is different for each faction from their spell books, to the monsters and Great Old Ones they can summon. The only identical thing for each player is their starting tools of six cultists and a controlled gate.
— tabletoptribe.com/review– cthulhu– wars/

The game really comes alive through the factions… each player plays in a different way, which keeps play fresh and interesting from game to game.
— Shannon Appelcline, rpg.net

This was my best play, the best game we had. We’ve talked a lot about Cthulhu Wars on these podcasts, and this is another shining example of why this is such an amazing game. We walked away saying, we want to play it again.
— Ding and Dent broadcast, episode 44 – dinganddentcast.com

Cthulhu Wars boasts what are among the best plastic minis seen in any board game in the history of the genre… large and beautifully sculpted, and really draw players into the eerie world of the Cthulhu mythos.
— Cody K. Carlson, deseretnews.com

The gameplay is fast and addictive, the strategy is deep yet accessible, and the arresting quality of the components sets a new bar for board games.
— Michael Langlois, goodreads.com

Fantastic miniatures, fantastic game. I’ve got to find those expansions somehow
— ridureyu, nerditis.com

The game is easy to learn, setup, and actually play
— David Guyll, Points of Light

In three words: simple, tactical, deep. A premium game for a luxury experience. Sandy Petersen shows once again his mastery.

It plays beautifully. All of the new factions and creatures slot into the core game seamlessly. And it’s fun as hell.
— Michael Langlois, michael– langlois.net

If you’re tired of the normal Lovecraft game where you’re another investigator trying to lure another Old One back to sleep, than I highly suggest you try out Cthulhu Wars and, for once, actually mean to bring about the apocalypse.
— Andrew Dodson, playertheory.com

You’re getting a fun game that for all its size is reasonably easy to learn and should provide you with plenty of replay potential.
— Paul Fricker, blasphemoustomes.com

The twisted shapes of each faction are beautifully grotesque, rendered in surprising detail.
— Henry Glasheen, slugmag.com

Everything in this game has been polished and practiced and worked on to the point of exhaustion– it’s a true labor of love for the designer, Sandy Petersen, and it shows.
— Chris Foster, nerdsbreakgames.com

The game is easy to explain to new players.
— wingdingdingo, caffeinecrew.com

The gameplay is so intuitive, the placement of your monsters is incredibly satisfying, the combat is so streamlined, you’re not mentally exhausted after playing it … it’s an excellent, excellent game.
— Nate (littleturd), boardgamegeek.com

This is a title beyond just its theme and the massive miniatures… It is a game of wild asymmetry; fans of area control and asymmetric games will want to take a long, good look.
— James (Brother Jim), boardgamegeek.com

It’s a lighter game, featuring gigantic monsters destroying the world (and each other). It’s very fun to play if you’re into that (and who isn’t?).
— Ryan Abrams (ryanabrams), boardgamegeek.com

Overall fun: Definitely a yes. We never got bogged down into the minutia of the rules
— Ben Burns (BenTheRat), boardgamegeek.com

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