What’s cool about Hyperspace?

Sandy made his reputation designing asymmetric multiplayer strategic games – while still in the digital field, he worked on Civilization, Lightspeed, the Age of Empires series, and Halo Wars. More recently, he created Cthulhu Wars and the Gods War. Now we introduce Hyperspace, an asymmetric game of interstellar conquest!

Let’s talk about some of its unusual features.

Short Play Time

One of the common “features” of space empire games is that they take a looong time to play. Hyperspace breaks that mold – it usually takes less than 2 hours to play through a 4 player game. We often play it twice in an evening.

No upkeep phase

Most strategy games have upkeep phases, to gather resources, refresh units, and similar functions. The Game of Thrones boardgame has the Planning phase; Twilight Imperium has three such phases – Strategy, Status, and Agenda. Even Cthulhu Wars has the Doom phase. While these serve useful functions, they also bring play to a dead stop.

Hyperspace has no such “upkeep”. Instead, after a player takes his turn, it passes to the next player, and so around and around until the game’s end. You never get to catch your breath! BUT … neither do your opponents.

4 Species

Twenty Different Civilizations

As you may know, Sandy studied zoology in college (specializing in arthropods). One of the things he learned is that humanoids are vanishingly rare. Earth has only one! So even as a kid I thought humanoid aliens were somewhat bogus. As a result, the aliens of Hyperspace are … alien. We launch with 20 different civs, and more are planned for the crowdfunding campaign. We have more civs in Hyperspace than all the factions in Cthulhu Wars and Gods War combined. That was a lot of playtest time!

Lovecraftian Species, too!

Lovecraft was keenly interested in astronomy and his monsters aren’t so much supernatural as interplanetary. As a result, most of his horrors were, technically, science fiction. Naturally I have incorporated these into Hyperspace. So not only can you face aliens such as the time-traveling Skith or the Urumak colossi, but we have the Fungi from Yuggoth, and more forthcoming.


  • Sandy Petersen’s super-asymmetric game of space conquest!
  • Short play time!
  • 20 different civs!
  • No “upkeep” phase. Play never stops!
  • Includes Lovecraftian races!

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