Our Sincerest Apology For Recent Shipping Delays

Our Sincerest Apology For Recent Shipping Delays

We feel you deserve an explanation for the horrifically slow shipping on your Marchthulu order, since it has undoubtedly caused you concern, frustration, and potentially made you reconsider supporting Petersen Games in the future.

We’ve faced several shipping challenges in the past few months – none of which were anticipated before launching our Marchthulhu sale. A few weeks into the sale, our US shipping warehouse publicly announced they were going out of business. As a result, things were slowed down. They informed us that they would continue to process orders for six more months, but would not take on any new inventory.

We do not know all of the details ourselves, but presumably they lost personnel at this time, further impacting their ability to process and mail orders, as well as to implement tracking emails.

Shortly after we knew they were going out of business, we decided it would be more efficient to source a new US shipping warehouse now, rather than in six months. (Naturally, we did not have any backup inventory in a backup warehouse immediately ready to ship our products!) Though, now we wish we did.

Sourcing the new warehouse also took some time, but as of today, we’ve already shipped all our inventory to this new fulfillment provider – halfway across the United States. They are up and running and have begun shipping out all remaining orders.

If you have not personally received tracking or your package yet, please know it will be coming! Assessing exactly how many orders have or have not yet been fully processed would be a separate task and take up time from the actual work of fulfillment, especially since we have an entirely new warehouse handling everything.

But know that your orders are not lost or forgotten, and they will be on the way soon!

We have also deeply looked into another solution for the future. We are testing a new device that will allow us to never have this problem again. For the next big sale we do, we will ship you your orders BEFORE you even go to our website, select your items and pay! It’s simple really, we’re just going to complete our interdimensional gate that will allow us to travel through time after you’ve checked out on our website so we can see what you wanted, and then ship it to you in advance.

Our Evil High Priest is chanting in the dark dungeon even as we speak, calling up the forces necessary to build this device.

If for any reason we can’t get the interdimensional gate to function properly, we pledge to use old-fashioned stubbornness to improve our service to you. Please give us feedback (good or bad). We want to keep the dialogue going because each of you matters to us.

– Sandy and the Petersen Games Team

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